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NSN is helping Storytellers

NSN and its members and deeply concerned about storytellers who are caught in the destruction of Katrina. The office is working hard to respond to storyteller's needs and want to let you all know what we've set up and how you can help.

1. We've been receiving e-mails about Katrina so yesterday we set up a blog for members and non-members to share their ideas, stories and actions about Katrina and helping storytellers.

2. We are taking posts from storytell conversations up to today, and moving them to the blog. That way our members who are not on storytell can get all the news.

3. Anyone can participate in the blog. We hope storytell members will also post to the blog to keep as many people informed as possible. You can view the blog at http://www.livejournal.com/community/storykatrina/.
You can post to the blog by clicking on the following link: http://www.livejournal.com/userinfo.bml?user=storykatrina&mode=full

4. We sent out a broadcast e-mail to our members with a couple stories about affected members along with a note about donations and the blog.

5. Today we are searching StoryNet listings (our on-line directory) to see if affected members have a listing. If not, we are scrounging for photos and text to make one for them. Any affected storyteller will receive a 1 year free deluxe listing.

6. We will post on the blog who we have promo material for, and who we do not. Anyone who has photos and other promo material on storytellers that we do not can inform the blog, send the material to us via e-mail, and we'll create a listing. If affected storytellers need help with the sound/video clips, NSN can also assist. Please send info to:

7. If anyone knows of affected storytellers who are not NSN members, please forward their names and contact info to us. NSN will give them 1 year free membership. Please send info to: FromNSN@storynet.org

7. NSN has set up a general relief fund for affected storytellers. But affected storytellers will need gigs that disappeared with Katrina. So NSN is also setting up an emergency grant fund to which any organization could apply, with a quick turnaround, in order to pay a storyteller to perform. These could be performances that might benefit hurricane victims, in part -- performances/programs/residencies in shelters, etc. We will start it with whatever is left in the NSN Grants budget for this year, and build it with contributions. Look for the application form next Tues. or Wed. (Sept. 6 or 7). Until then you can make a donation to NSN by calling us or sending us a check. Please designate whether you want your donation to go to the relief fund or emergency grant fund.

Please send all donations (checks, cashier checks) to:
Katrina Relief
132 Boone St., #5
Jonesborough, TN 37659
PLEASE DESIGNATE: Relief Fund OR Emergency Grant Fund

Or call our offices with your credit card at:

To recap:
1. Share info on the blog in addition to storytell.
2. Send our office at FromNSN@storynet.org names of affected storytellers so we can give them a free 1 year membership.
3. Send promo materials we are missing from affected storytellers so we can make a Storynet on-line directory listing for them and give them a free 1-year listing. Send material to FromNSN@storynet.org.
4. Send a donation to NSN and designate it for either the Relief Fund or the Emergency Grant Fund

Thank you so very much for helping all storytellers get through this disaster and back on their feet. I look forward to hearing from everyone and taking our relief efforts to the next level.


Karen Dietz, Ph.D.
Executive Director
National Storytelling Network
132 Boone Street, #5
Jonesborough, TN 37659
800-525-4514 or 423-913-8201

NSN – "A world enriched through storytelling."

Mission -- "Bringing together and nurturing individuals and organizations that use the power of storytelling in all its forms."
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